Why a photo booth makes marketing sense

A lot of corporate events can be stuffy affairs, where people are too worried about what is going on around them to have a good time. What you really need to do is inject some fun into the occasion – whether you are launching a new product, having an end of year party, or even a share-holders meeting.

And here’s where a photo booth comes into its own. A photo booth is a unique product that allows people to interact and have a great time. It not only allows them to strike poses, have keepsakes, and have a wonderful time, it also creates a great talking point!

As well as providing memories for all concerned it is a great branding exercise. Why? Because people will have a tangible reminder of what happened at the event in the form of photos. This especially makes sense if you are launching a new product or service. At most events, people come along, listen to a few speakers, have a chat then go home and that’s the event done and dusted. However, if they have something to take away with them then the branding power can last long after the occasion is over. With JL Images’ photo booths you can even customise the photo booth to fit in with what your brand.

There is also a social media sharing aspect to the booths. Soon as you take a snap you can Email, Facebook or Tweet the shot so both potential and current clients can see what you are up to – this is especially handy if they are part of your social media network but have not been able to attend the event.

So if you want something different or stuck for an unusual idea, think a little outside the box and hire one of JL Images Photobooths. A little investment can go a long way in sustaining the growth of your brand or product.